Thursday, March 5, 2009


“I always thought that you had to be born with artistic talent. I have now witnessed first hand that with the right teacher, artistic skill can be learned to create artistic majesty!
Ron Finch is a brilliant and generous artist who has an amazing amount of patience, skill and passion. He shares his knowledge and love of art to others to help them experience creative artistic expression. I know this first hand as I recently participated in an instructional weekend under Ron’s clear and purposeful direction which resulted in a water colour painting which is now beautifully framed, hanging on my family room wall with my name on it, for all to enjoy. If you want to unleash your artistic talent, contact Ron Finch; you will be amazed at the power of adding artistic skills to your creative expression tool kit!”

JoAnn Beliveau
Sherwood Park, Alberta

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  1. I've seen the work that my friends completed in your art class. I'm impressed and I'm looking forward to enrolling in one of your classes in the near future.